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Pipeline Management

We provide pipeline management  including program and procedure development, records and data management, records verification, risk and benefit assessment, and evaluation of preventative measures. We can also assist with data gathering and integration, data conversion, and GPS acquisition.  

Inventory Management

We manage inventories of our Customers’ project and maintenance materials. We use state-of-the-art software to track, receive, and disburse these materials. Our warehouse facilities and our receiving and shipping team are capable of handling all shipping requirements.

Risk & Sensitivity Analysis

Our crews are continuously trained in the techniques and procedures of evaluation of risks on every inspection jobsite. It is a routine function for our teams to continuously monitor and assess all risks to the Clients’ operation and inspection requirements.

System Optimization

JDH provides system optimization services to our Customers through evaluating existing situations, executing a plan to improve the status quo, monitoring the results, and then making course corrections. These four actions, if carried through consistently and long term, provide our Customers with an optimized result.

Certification & Commissioning

JDH manages an orderly and formal process to review and integrate project expectations during planning and design, construction, training, and operating phases by systematic inspections and functional performance testing. JDH reviews design specifications for compliance with industrial standards such as API, ASME, NFPA and offers ancillary commissioning services such as operator training and development of commissioning procedures.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

JDH provides Quality Assurance and Quality Control services. We play particular attention to systematic and procedural activities that lead to the prevention of errors. Quality Assurance is the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention. We adhere to ISO 9000 guidelines which is a part of our quality management system, focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled. Quality Control, which is focused on process assurance, comprises our administrative and procedural activities so that our Customers’ requirements and goals for a product, service, or activity will be fulfilled.

Field Supervision Engineering Inspection

We provide reliable field inspection based on our decades of experience in the field.

Project Execution

JDH has decades of experience in delivering a variety of quality inspection-related services. Whether small, short term or large and longer-term, we have the skilled staff to efficiently execute Projects.

Contract Administration

JDH performs Contract Administration services to ensure that our Customers are getting that for which they contracted. Our Contract Administration services involve those activities that we perform after a contract has been awarded by our Customer to a contractor to determine how well that contractor performed to meet the requirements of the contract. It typically encompasses all dealings between our Customer and the contractor from the time the contract is awarded until the work has been completed and accepted or the contract terminated, payment has been made, and disputes have been resolved. As such, contract administration constitutes that primary part of the procurement process that assures our Customer gets that for which it paid.

Planning & Scheduling

We work in conjunction with our Customers to plan inspection projects. These might be planning for a refinery shut down for maintenance or for projects installation, new long distance pipeline, or a wind farm inspection to ensure a thorough and well-thought-out program of identifying all activities necessary to complete the project. After preparing a plan, we then work with our customers to determine the sequential order of activities, assigning planned duration, and determining the start and finish dates of each activity. We use state-of-the-art software to support this effort.

Budget Development & Cost Control

JDH is skilled at preparing and managing project budgets for both short term and long term inspection programs. Our customers can count on our experienced professionals’ judgment and experience to prepare and monitor quality project budgets.

Execution Plan & Procedures

We routinely prepare execution plans and procedures custom-tailored to our customers’ needs. Inspection teams rely on decades of experience to ensure that our customers have confidence in our planning documentation.

Data Gathering & Integration

The heart of accumulating data and integration of newly acquired data is the protocols, written procedures, employee training, and verification that result in the rigid quality standards to which our company strives.

Evaluation & Preventative Measures

We strive to provide our clients with more than quality and economic inspections. We continuously train our staff to evaluate job-site conditions, manpower scheduling, and technical correctness. We offer our professional opinion to our clients about any aspect of a job that will assist our clients in preventing problems of all kinds now or in the future.

Records Verification

We train our staff and have written procedures and training protocols in place to ensure 100% verifications of records that we create for our clients.

Records & Data Management

We use written procedures and routine training to those procedures to provide for secure and backed-up long-term management of the clients’ records.

Program & Procedure Development

Our firm is a strong believer in standards, procedures, and continuous training to ensure a quality and dependable outcome for repetitive tasks. We believe that this creates and maintains a service that best serves our clients’ short and long-term objectives. We continuously strive to refine our business methods to provide the very best service for our clients.

What Can JDH Inspection Services Do For You?

To find out more about our services, our NDT lab and more, give us a call us at (603) 402-3656 or use our convenient online contact form. One of our team members will be happy to answer all of your questions and find out how our NADCAP IAW NAS 410 certified inspectors can help you.