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NDE Inspections

Here at JDH Inspection Services we provide NDE inspections throughout New England and Florida with extremely dependable results. We pride ourselves on our reputation with clients and they’ve seen our level of dedication. Our technicians are certified IAW NAS 410 and SNT-TC-1A. Additionally, our Nadcap accreditation is proof that when you hire us for a job, you are paying for the most accurate examinations possible.

We Specialize in Non-destructive Examination

Are you a company currently located in New England, Florida, or elsewhere in the United States? We’ve been forming partnerships nationwide! We embrace the opportunity to do more non-destructive examinations and develop even further. We offer the following services in NDE:


Radiographic Inspection (RT)


Visual Inspection (VT)


Ultrasonic Inspection (UTT, UTS)


Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI, MT)


Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI, PT)


GPS Acquisition


Phased Array


Coating | Cathodic Protection

So, if you’re in need of a highly qualified expert with decades of experience to perform your New England, Florida, other American NDE inspection, please look no further! We stand at the ready.

The Best Results Mean Having The Best Personnel

At JDH Inspection Services we invest heavily in our employees because we know that your results depend directly on their proficiency. We’re proud to train them to the rigorous level and accreditation that any company should require of their NDE inspectors. We attract the best minds in the business to carry out your inspection to the very last detail.

Whether you’re a utility, construction or insurance company, foundry or power plant, we’re here to provide your third party inspection. You can count on us to build a relationship that’s positive and clear in communication.

Contact us for Inspections throughout VT, ME, NH, CT, RI, PA, MA, FL, and across the United States.

We look forward to successfully completing your non-destructive examinations. Please call us at (603) 402-3656 and let’s begin a productive business relationship!